Tue 1 Mar 2016

Matalan look book shoot

Matalan06Header Commission by large fashion and home-ware chain, Matalan, to produce the photography for their Home-ware look book. After a meeting with the client I discovered not only the wide range of products they had to be photographed, but also the enormous number of items,  the shoot would take at least two weeks to produce.
Initially the client wanted all the products photographed in the studio, but I suggested hiring a house location for the entire shoot, as this would enable us to have real rooms to place the products in, plus being able to use exterior space which would make the shots far more interesting.









The client agreed, a massive house was found in South London, and on the first day of the two week shoot, a large truck load of product was delivered from the warehouse, all of which needed organising. Matalan04
Working with client Lucy Gillies of ZPR as well as my assistant and stylist, the house was our base for the duration of the shoot. A very free brief was created for the type of shots needed so we were able to be as creative as we wanted with the products supplied. Because of the way the house was designed I decided to create the front cover shot using as many of the products as we could fit in to the shape.

All post production was done by Tapestry London, some finished images I’ve shown here.