Thu 3 Mar 2016

Electric Dreams Book photography Ron Bambridge

Electric Dreams portrait

Electric Dreams book photography..

I had surprise email from the charity, MakeAwish foundation, asking me if I’d like to contribute some original photography to a new book project they were working on.

The book was to be called Electric Dreams and  I could shoot any kind of portrait I wanted, but the subject had to be using any electrical product sold by a major retail chain who were the official sponsors of the project.

The finished book would be sold with profits raised going to the foundation. All sorts of people were also contributing, actors, pop stars and various celebrity’s.Make A Wish Foundation

I asked people I knew to be subjects, and chose the Ipod shuffle, headphones, electric razor and small snap camera for my subjects.
Shooting in the studio, I had my final shots turned into black & white as I wanted them to be very simple and strong visually.