Tue 8 Mar 2016

EDF Energy Summer shoot


A large commission received for EDF Energy and working with a creative director I’d worked with previously, Martin Lythgoe through advertising agency Archibald Ingall Stretton.EDF Energy were looking to create a new series of lifestyle pictures they could use across all media. Starting with a Summer shoot, with Winter and Spring shoots to follow.

After initial meetings with client and agency it was established that I would need to cast for eight adults of different age ranges, and four children. _MG_4558website
As well as models I needed to find three different locations for the shoot, a park, the seaside and an interior house location.EDF_300910_website

Working with my producer Karen Featonby on the project, and using location finders to find a suitable house interior, we suggested Camber Sands as perfect for the beach location, with Battersea Park in London the most convenient for the park. So permissions and fees were arranged with Battersea Park and the local authority down at Camber. Once casting sessions to find our people were complete, a schedule was arranged for all three locations.










The production involved around six days shooting in total, using eight adult models, four children along with each of their Mums, Make-up artist, my two assistants plus art director, account executive and client. _MG_4261web











A complex shooting schedule to bring the whole production together with accommodation, transport, catering, clothing, props, styling, hair and make-up.EDF_170910_1234web

































A great client and agency to work with, and thanks to the help and enthusiasm of all the people involved in the shoot, along with some very good luck with weather, we managed to create some amazing shots together.