Wed 9 Nov 2016

EDF Energy Spring lifestyle commission

EDF Energy Spring

Commissioned for my third in a series of lifestyle shoots for EDF Energy early this year, and following the success of the Summer and Winter shoot’s. Working again with art director Martin Lythgoe, the seasonal theme for the shoot was Spring.  A perfect time of year for the shoot as everything was just starting to bud, with new leaves appearing on the trees.

EDF Energy

The Chilterns were decided on for the main location. It had the perfect variety of landscape for what we needed, and was also a small enough area to complete the shoot in the two days we had. After a recce day  exploring, I found some perfect places to shoot in, including a  large lake, river’s, a canal, even a working farm which would give us lot’s of opportunities for a whole range of shots

EDF spring shoot daisy chain

With around sixteen people plus a dog to organise as well as assorted props, extra clothes, accommodation, subsistence plus transportation, including Winnebago! it was a complex shoot to put together. Everyone worked really hard over a long two days and with some lovely clear and sunny Spring weather, we managed to create a great series of pictures. Some I’ve shown here, and more can be seen on the main website.