Keeper of the Royal School, Royal Academy of Art
The Evolutions Gallery in the Natural History Museum, part of a series of work produced for the 2016 annual review, this image is the final chosen as the front cover image.
Brewing plant, Brussels
Winter lifestyle photography by Ron Bambridge
Latham Interiors
EDF Energy Ron Bambridge
barley twist spindles on an oak georgian staircase in a georgian country house
Flowers East gallery Ron Bambridge
Matalan designer look book
Calor shoot
Calor shoot
Almond Interiors
Latham interiors Ron Bambridge
Southways House
The Black pudding maker
winter lifestyle shoot EDF Energy
1930's original motorcycle workshop
Sarah Latham of Latham Interiors.
Billboard project Futurecity Ron Bambridge
Ipsus London by Ron Bambridge
Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint photographed at the Natural History Museum London
Portrait of Jockeys silks maker Ron Bambridge
Calor shoot
Latham Interiors
St Peter's Church Crostwick Norfolk
Providence Tower London by Ron Bambridge
Marlborough interiors by Ron Bambridge
MyHotel Group
Bones of the Blue Whale
Ipsus interior London by Ron Bambridge
Old Trueman Brewery East London by Ron Bambridge
Calor shoot
Marlborough Interiors photography by Ron Bambridge
Latham Interiors
Cristian Ward artist at the Royal Academy
Georgian country house interior by Ron Bambridge
Reverend Philipa Boardman
Marlborough Interiors photography by Ron Bambridge
Luxury apartment interior London by Ron Bambridge
Grosvenor waterside Chelsea Ron Bambridge
The Old Metropole Hotel London
Latham interiors Ron Bambridge
Angela Bulloch artist