Wed 9 Mar 2016

EDF Energy Winter shoot behind the scenes

EDF Energy Winter shoot behind the scenes. 

What we needed for the Shoot.

EDF Energy winter shoot, brief to create new photography for all media use. Casting sessions were arranged to find models, then a suitable had to be found for the location of the shoot. . With a list of properties from my location finders, I traveled round to see all of them, finally deciding on a house in West London where the owners seemed to be very amenable to us making the shoot there, surprisingly even after telling them the amount of disruption the production entailed!


EDF Winter













EDF winter shoot

We checked out a company called Snow Business, who specialised in creating snow for film and TV. What they do was incredibly realistic, just perfect for what we needed.























Finally everything came together so well, the snow was amazing, model’s, assistants, hair and make-up, client and art director, all made such a great team to work with on such a memorable two days.