Thu 20 Oct 2016

Aerial shoot over Lisbon Portugal

Another aerial shoot commission for Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, this time of another ship in their fleet, Boudicca  and the location was to be Lisbon in Portugal.

Working again with Mike Bird from Fred Olsen and Producer Jeremy Bates, we flew over to Lisbon the day before our planned aerial flight next day.

Meeting the pilot at the airfield for a briefing early on the shoot day, I arranged to have the door locked in a fully open position open, in order for me to have clear and free movement to lean out and capture as many angles of the ship as I could get. It did mean that I’d have to make the entire flight with the door to my side completely open.

When news was received that the ship was near we took off, and flew out over Lisbon into the bay with clear and sunny weather to meet the ship a short distance out at sea, where we continued to follow and fly all around the vessel with me continually shooting as it approached the city of Lisbon.

Boudicca Portugal

Boudicca Portugal

Some great shots achieved during the flight, but one of the the main shot’s we wanted was of the ship cruising under Oporto Bridge with the city as a backdrop. A bit of instruction to the pilot on best position I needed to be in to achieve this shot, and once he’d got the helicopter into the correct hover position, just a matter of waiting a few minutes to see our ship steam into the perfect position under the bridge.

The Fred Olsen Cruise Line Boudicca.

The Fred Olsen Cruise Liner Boudicca.