Wed 9 Nov 2016

The perfect dive

Nuffield Health ClubsA technically challenging commission from agency Betalondon with art director Martin Lythgoe for Nuffield Health Clubs.
Brief was to photograph the perfect dive into a swimming pool at one of the Health clubs in London. The shot would show just legs out of the water, so I’d have to capture the split second entry of a diver, seeing their legs perfectly straight out of the water. The shot would be used as part of a series of ads for Nuffield.
The first problem I had to solve was who I’d use to make the dive. Luckily I managed to find Cristina Nicolaides an ex olympic diving champion, perfect for the shoot!Cristina I used high powered flash around the pool area, all rigged  to fire wirelessly at full power enabling me to use a fast a shutter speed to capture that all important split second moment of Cristina’s dive.
Cristina was extremely confident that she could repeat an almost perfect dive each time with straight legs for the perfect shot. Once I was in position and Cristina made the first dive, amazingly I almost had the perfect shot in that first attempt, but a few more dives were needed just to get it absolutely right, which we achieved after about six to ten dives.
Here is a short background video of the second shoot that day for Nuffield, again using Cristina.

Behind the scenes video of my stills shoot for Nuffield Health Clubs from Ron Bambridge on Vimeo.