Thu 9 Mar 2017

Message from the Unseen World


“Message from the Unseen World” is a digital art installation memorial wall dedicated to mathematician Alan Turing.

Message from the Unseen World



Located in Paddington West London, It celebrates the life and work of Alan Turing who was born in Paddington and is best known for the role he played in breaking the enigma code during the second world war.



The piece was curated by Futurecity and devised by United Visual Artists (“UVA”) in collaboration with Hackney based poet Nick Drake. Nick Drakes verse depicts Turing speaking posthumously about his life.

The installation comprises aluminium panels perforated by holes and LED’s which display extracts from Turing’s ground breaking “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” in patterns based on the Baudot code.Led-panel
As the LED’s are illuminated they reveal words and verses from Drakes poem, with the display controlled by an algorithm which experiments with different combinations of letters and words.
MessageTextPlease click here to see the film produced for the project