Ron Bambridge is an internationally recognised multi award winning photographer. With a unique view ‘through his eye’ his work has been published in all media formats, including countless magazines and books, in assignments that have taken him around the world.

Ipsus interior London by Ron Bambridge
Havana Cuba
The 1891 Raleigh F. Brooklands centenary book project
barley twist spindles on an oak georgian staircase in a georgian country house
Brecon Beacons
Cruise liner Boudicca Scotland
Detroit downtown
Old Trueman Brewery East London by Ron Bambridge
Rannoch Moor
Arriva, Lombardy region of Italy
Vickers 953 Merchantman. Brooklands centenary book project
Havana Cuba
The Oregon Coast USA
Keeper of the Royal School, Royal Academy of Art
Message from the Unseen World
High mountain road
Aerial shoot Norway
Icelandic landscape by photographer Ron Bambridge. This is the Seljalandsfoss waterfall on the south side of the island
The Vickers 498 Viking 1A. Brooklands book project
Sensual Dreams Show Trailer
Energy Centre Greenwich Peninsula London
South China Sea
Fred Olsen Cruise Lines Antigua
Braemar cruise liner Norway
The Ridley Special. Brooklands centenary book project
The Glass Mill Building London
Oregon coast USA
Glen Etive The Highlands
A Kinetic Facade
Cristian Ward artist at the Royal Academy
people lifestyle photography Florida Ron Bambridge
Portrait of Jockeys silks maker Ron Bambridge
oriental express train Thailand Ron Bambridge
BMW heartbeat Road
Charles Dance actor
Film "Message from the Unseen World"
Evelyn Glennie percussionist
Dassault Falcon jet aircraft
The Energy Centre on London"s Greenwich peninsula
Cruise liner Balmoral Antigua Ron Bambridge
people lifestyle photography Florida Ron Bambridge
Havana Cuba
Canary Wharf 220 degree panoramic image
Aerial photography of Boudicca in Lisbon Ron Bambridge
The Napier-Railton. Brooklands centenary book project
Marine salvage yard Hong Kong
Hong Kong container terminal
360 degree panoramic image of clapham common south london
Mercedes-Benz 350SL 1950's Gullwing
The Glass Mill Building London
Notting Hill Film
1930's original motorcycle workshop
Welsh Development Agency
Georgian country house interior by Ron Bambridge
The Vickers FB27 Vimy
Big Table installation Kew Riverside West London
British landscape - Gold Award in the Association of photographers Awards London
Detroit abandoned documentary series
Flowers East gallery Ron Bambridge
Havana Cuba
Cruise liner Braemar aerial shoot Norway
Havana Cuba
Aerial photography Norway Fred Olsen Cruise Lines
British landscape - Gold Award in the Association of photographers Awards London
spring lifestyle Ron Bambridge
Arsene Wenger and the 02 Fives competition
Aubury Square
The Highlands
Detroit abandoned documentary series
Yorkshire Moors
The Oregon Coast USA
Brecon mountain Road
The Old Metropole Hotel London
Electric Dreams portrait series
Grosvenor waterside Chelsea Ron Bambridge
Westminster Bridge panorama
St Peter's Church Crostwick Norfolk
Race Solutions
Reverend Philipa Boardman
people lifestyle photography Florida Ron Bambridge
Electric Dreams portrait
Regent Tower London
The Black pudding maker
Glass Mill building London Ron Bambridge
Sculptor George Cutts
Mayfair chambers gates Ron Bambridge
Havana Cuba
Glen Coe
Luxury cruise liner Boudicca by Duart Castle Scotland
Sir Bob Ayling
spring photography Ron Bambridge
The Vickers Vanguard Merchantman
Havana Cuba
Fred Olsen Cruise Liner Boudicca Ron Bambridge
The Hawker Hurricane. Brooklands centenary book project.
The Grindlay Peerless 500cc. Brooklands centenary book project
Aubury Square project
people lifestyle photography Florida Ron Bambridge
The Merlin MK1
Fred Olsen cruise lines aerial photography Scotland Ron Bambridge
The perfect dive
Arriva, Italy
Brewing plant, Brussels
The Braemar cruise liner Norway Ron bambridge
people lifestyle photography Florida Ron Bambridge
Chivas artist portrait
Container terminal Hong Kong
Havana Cuba
winter lifestyle photography Ron Bambridge
Detroit abandoned documentary series
Hong Kong marine ship yards
The Sunflower man.
GKN Global
Hong Kong skyline
The Fisher Girls Thailand
British landscape - Gold Award in the Association of photographers Awards London
High mountain road
Marlborough interiors by Ron Bambridge
Bones of the Blue Whale
EDF Energy